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From Eating Chocolate to Kissing With Braces: 7 Questions Answered in Time for Valentine’s Day

By February 14, 2024No Comments

Can braces get stuck together when kissing? Is kissing allowed with Invisalign® aligners? Can you eat chocolate with an appliance?

Our Naperville and Shorewood orthodontist is answering these questions and more just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Can You Kiss With Braces?

Yes, you can kiss with braces! Now, what about if both people are in treatment? Can braces get stuck together when kissing?

Though persistent, this is just a myth for the most part. There has only been one reported case of the dreaded braces lock and, coincidentally, it happened right here in Illinois. However, it was in the 1970s when braces were extremely large and bulky and one of the teens involved had a unique archwire configuration that likely caused the issue.

Modern braces are a lot smaller than they used to be so there is no risk of your braces getting stuck to someone else’s. If you’re a patient at Innovative Orthodontic Centers, all the better, because we use self-ligating brackets, which are even smaller and more streamlined than conventional brackets.

2. Can You Kiss With Invisalign?

Kissing with Invisalign is also orthodontist-approved. Since the aligners are smooth and fit snugly against your teeth, you won’t notice much difference. In fact, the other person might not even realize you’re wearing an appliance. If you have concerns though, you can take your aligners out before kissing.

3. Can You Chew Gum With Invisalign or Braces?

Fresh breath is always a plus when it comes to romance, but if you have Invisalign, we recommend taking your aligners out before having gum.

As for braces, avoid chewing gum altogether because it can get stuck in your brackets and wires, causing a mess. If you need to freshen up before a smooch, brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash. You can also have a mint. Just be sure to avoid chewing on it.

4. Can You Eat Caramel With Braces?

Unfortunately, those salted caramels will have to wait until your braces come off. Really sticky, chewy and hard foods can damage your appliance and/or get trapped in your hardware, increasing your risk of tooth decay.

5. Can You Eat Chocolate With Braces?

Yes! You can eat plain chocolate with braces. Don’t bite into a chocolate bar with your front teeth. Instead, break off a piece and allow it to melt in your mouth. While dark chocolate has less sugar, both milk and dark varieties without nuts, caramel, toffee or other crunchy pieces are fine.

6. What Can I Eat With Braces at a Restaurant?

Have dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day? The good news is you can still eat most of the things you love with braces. Again, avoid really hard, chewy and sticky food like big pieces of raw veggies, nuts, chips and hard rolls. Cut your food into bite size pieces and chew with your back teeth.

7. Can You Drink Wine With Invisalign or Braces?

You can drink wine with Invisalign and braces. Take your Invisalign aligners out before having a glass so the liquid doesn’t get trapped between your aligners and your teeth. This puts you at risk for cavities and, with red wine, staining.

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Dr. Manal Ibrahim