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Your Journey to a Stunning Smile


Getting braces is an exciting time. It means you’re on your way to seeing amazing results. Dr. Ibrahim and our expert team will be by your side every step of the way. We make sure the process is painless, effective and fun (yes, really!).

The Braces Procedure



You’ll swing by Innovative Orthodontic Centers for your free consultation and have the opportunity to tour the office and meet the IOC family. A team member will snap some photos of your face and teeth and take a complimentary, low-dose, digital x-ray. We’ll also use our iTero scanner to take digital impressions (no gross molds!) so you can see your predicted outcome before you even start your treatment. Dr. Ibrahim will examine your mouth, come up with a diagnosis and talk with you about your goals and options. We’ll answer all of your questions and go over the details, such as cost and how long you’ll wear braces. For your convenience, we’re able to kick-off your treatment on the same day as the consultation to save you from making an extra trip to our office.


We Put Your Braces On

We know the idea of getting braces put on can seem a little intimidating but it doesn’t hurt a bit, there are no needles involved and it takes less than an hour. Based on digital impressions of your mouth (no more of those messy, goopy molds) and computerized 3D imaging, we can completely customize your treatment plan. Dr. Ibrahim will use a special glue to bond your brackets to your teeth and then place your archwires, which have bent to perfectly fit your smile with robotic technology. When we’re finished, you’ll get all of the information you need to take care of your new braces.



With self-ligating braces and the SureSmile® system, you’ll need fewer adjustments throughout your treatment. However, you’ll still come in about every six to eight weeks, depending on your needs, so we can make minor tweaks and monitor your progress. If you have questions, ask away. We’ll always keep you in the loop about how treatment is going and for kids and teens, we chat with parents to make sure they feel informed and confident in their child’s care.


The Braces Come Off!

This is a big day and after you get a congratulatory high-five, Dr. Ibrahim will remove your wires and take off your brackets, which is also completely painless. We’ll then polish your teeth and you’ll be able to check out your gorgeous grin in the mirror.



While your teeth get used to their new positions, they have a natural tendency to want to shift back to where they used to be prior to treatment. The only way to prevent this and maintain your results for life is to wear a retainer. We offer clear Vivera® retainers, which are custom-made to your mouth and barely noticeable. We’ll give you instructions for wearing them so you can protect your healthy, straight smile.

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