There ARE Alternatives to Jaw Surgery!

Have you been told the only way to get straight teeth and a healthy bite is with jaw surgery? Have you been diagnosed with an open bite, a significant overbite, an underbite or another issue that you think warrants surgical orthodontics? We may have an alternative! Our Shorewood and Naperville orthodontists Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin have successfully treated patients just like you without surgery. We can often fix even extremely complex issues with orthodontics alone thanks to:

  • Our cutting-edge technology, including i-CAT™ and iTero®, that lets us see your dental and facial anatomy from every angle
  • 3D computerized treatment planning that gives us complete control over tooth and jaw movements
  • Unparalleled expertise with treatments like Invisalign®, SureSmile® and AcceleDent®
  • Customized aligners, braces wires and appliances for exceptional precision

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Life-Changing Results

Let’s face it. Surgical orthodontics is a big commitment and there is significant time, money and, yes, discomfort involved. Of course, there are cases when it’s necessary but, more often than not, with today’s technology and an experienced orthodontist who thinks outside of the box, like Dr. Manal Ibrahim or Dr. Christine Gin, you can get a healthy, beautiful smile without jaw surgery.

Conventional orthodontic treatment with older technology has limitations and can mean patients are told jaw surgery is the only answer. At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, we invest in the latest advances in the field. Our controlled, technology-driven approach lets us move the teeth and jaws more predictably and efficiently. As a Diamond+ Invisalign Provider and the number one AcceleDent provider in the world, we’ve paved the way in facilitating complicated movements with these tools.

We have patients who travel far and wide to come to our office to get a smile they love without surgery and you can be one of them. You absolutely deserve the confidence and comfort that comes from having an aligned bite and a beautiful smile. We can help.


I had developed a completely open bite, a lisp and it was hard to even eat normally. I was told by two different dentists that I would need jaw surgery until I met Dr. Manal Ibrahim. At my consultation, she created a computer image of my mouth and showed me what my end result would look like, achievable with Invisalign. I was skeptical, but also desperate since I did not want to have jaw surgery. I have to say, treatment was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. In only a short time, my smile was back. I get so many compliments on my new smile and I’m forever grateful to Dr. Manal Ibrahim.

Cassandra S.
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Not a single picture taken on my wedding day or the day my children were born show a big toothy grin. Why? Because I learned years ago to hide my teeth; they were ugly and embarrassing. I would periodically look into orthodontics but was told I’d need jaw surgery and years in braces and even then, a positive result would not be promised. At my initial consultation, Dr. Ibrahim developed a treatment plan using just Invisalign and AcceleDent. Now, at the end of treatment, you’d be hard pressed to find a current picture of me that doesn’t feature a big toothy grin. My jaw pain is gone, my gums are healthy and my smile is gorgeous.

Teresa S.
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You Deserve a Second Opinion

If you’ve been told that you need jaw surgery, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion. Schedule a virtual consultation with a knowledgeable Naperville or Shorewood orthodontist to see if we can help you get your dream smile without surgery.

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