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One More Way We Make Orthodontics Comfortable!


During certain procedures, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin have to isolate the area they’re working on, keeping it visible and dry. At some orthodontic offices, they’ll have you bite on a rubber dental dam while an assistant works the suction device. This leads to an achy jaw and a flurry of hands that makes it hard for the orthodontist to see. Not at Innovative Orthodontic Centers! We use DryShield™, a hands-free, all-in-one device that has a flexible, comfortable mouthpiece, a bite block, suction to remove water and saliva, a tongue shield and an oral pathway protector. Your Naperville orthodontist can work quickly and you can get the care you need a whole lot more comfortably.

An Exceptional Fit

DryShield has a soft, silicone mouthpiece that comes in different sizes and contours to your mouth. That matching bite block provides a place for you to rest your jaw so your orthodontist can see clearly and you won’t have any aching after the procedure.

Hands-Free, Super Suction

With strong, continuous, hands-free suction and passageways in the mouthpiece, the device removes water and saliva. The assistant is able to multitask, making procedures streamlined and reducing chair time.


Cheek Retraction

The device features a cheek retractor too. It keeps cheeks out of the way so they’re safe from injury and Dr. Gin and Dr. Ibrahim have maximum visibility.


DryShield boasts a tongue and oral pathway protector. These innovative features protect you from accidental injury and stop debris or particles from entering your airway.

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