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We’re an Impression-Free Office!


Do you hate messy impressions? Are you tired of the goopy, gagging, uncomfortable mess? Then meet your new best friend, the iTero® scanner. This cutting-edge technology takes digital images of your teeth, eliminating the need for the old putty and tray impressions, which, let’s face it, were pretty unpleasant and often unreliable. The iTero® scanner is much more accurate and improves overall treatments and patient satisfaction.

How Does the iTero® Scanner Work?

The iTero® scanner takes high-quality digital images of your teeth and gums using optical technology in a compact wand. The hand-held device emits no radiation and utilizes digital software to create and store a 3D model of your mouth. Dr. Ibrahim uses the model to map out your tooth movements and create your customized Invisalign® trays, SureSmile® wires, orthodontic appliances and retainers. The process is incredibly easy and can be adjusted for patient comfort unlike traditional impressions. Dr. Ibrahim can show you exactly what she sees to improve communication and treatment expectations.

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iTero Digital Practice

Compact Wand

The lightweight wand comfortably and continuously snaps images of your teeth and gums in motion.

Digital Scanning

Digital scans mean no putty and there’s also no radiation. High-definition images show up instantly on the screen.


3D Model

A 3D computer model of your mouth is created so Dr. Ibrahim can develop a customized virtual treatment plan.

Outcome Simulator

We’re able to show you what your smile will look like at the end of treatment with the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator.


  • The scanner transmits high-definition, crisp, detailed images
  • We can show you what you can expect from orthodontic treatment
  • Computerized treatment planning ensures perfect fitting aligners, wires, appliances and retainers
  • Extremely reliable and re-takes aren’t necessary


  • Images show up instantly on the computer screen
  • The wand scans in motion so there’s no need to stop and click
  • Allows for shorter appointments
  • You’ll receive aligners, wires, retainers or appliances more quickly


  • Goopy, messy impression materials aren’t used
  • No gagging and you can breathe and swallow as you normally would
  • Doesn’t smell or taste funny like putty does
  • Your scans will be done in minutes
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