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We Fast Track Treatments as the World’s #1 AcceleDent Provider

What if we told you that we could help you achieve your dream smile in a fraction of the time? Well, we can with AcceleDent® Optima™! Using this portable appliance for just 20 minutes a day in conjunction with your Invisalign® or braces will speed up your tooth movement by up to 50%. Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin are able to incorporate the device into treatment plans to give patients exceptional results more comfortably and a whole lot more quickly. At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, we’re the #1 AcceleDent provider in the world, meaning you won’t find a practice with more experience in using this orthodontic breakthrough!

When it comes to expertise, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin have it in spades. As the world’s leading AcceleDent® provider, we’ve completed well over 4500 cases with this state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Ibrahim was named one of AcceleDent’s key opinion leaders and the company even has a page dedicated to her on their website. Additionally, she was featured in an issue of Orthodontic Products where she shared some of her “Tooth Twins” cases of patients with similar diagnoses who were treated with different mechanics. It illustrates how she can achieve amazing precision in her aligner therapy cases with the addition of AcceleDent®.

AcceleDent & Invisalign

What is AcceleDent ® and How Does it Work?

AcceleDent ® Optima™ is a small, removable, hands-free accessory (you can check your emails or do your homework during a session!). You simply bite down on the mouthpiece while the activator generates gentle vibrations, known as micro-pulses, using the company’s patented SoftPulse technology. These micro-pulses work on a cellular level to kick bone remodeling into high gear and it’s been clinically proven to safely and painlessly reduce treatment time by up to 50%. It has the added benefit of lessening the discomfort and sensitivity associated with orthodontic treatment and works with both braces and Invisalign ®.

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Patients love that they can finish their Invisalign® or braces treatment in half the time while still achieving the same, if not better, results as they could with traditional orthodontics.

Improved Predictability

AcceleDent® enhances predictability of clinical outcomes. Integrating it into patients’ treatment plans ensures maximum precision and control for smiles that look just as promised. Dr. Ibrahim has been able to use braces or Invisalign® combined with AcceleDent® to treat even extremely complex cases that would have required jaw surgery or extractions in the past.

Smooth Sailing

The device’s micro-pulses actually make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and decrease the soreness and sensitivity patients sometimes experience with braces or Invisalign®.

Safe, Painless, Convenient

AcceleDent® Optima™ has been shown to be safe and reliable in U.S. clinical trials and the device has received FDA clearance. It exerts less force than an electric toothbrush and the gentle vibrations are completely painless. AcceleDent® is hands-free, making it perfect for multi-taskers and only requires 20 minutes of use per day in the comfort of your own home.

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