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Evaluating Your Smile From Every Angle


Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin use DEXcam™ intra-oral cameras for patient education and diagnostics. Back in the day, orthodontists and dentists would often use mirrors to check out the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth from certain angles and show patients their findings. Our small, handheld intra-oral cameras can achieve these goals way more comfortably and effectively. Your Naperville orthodontist can get an even more complete picture of your mouth and we can show you a live video feed and images on our screen. This means, we never miss a thing and we can educate you and make you a proactive part of your care!

Outstanding Views

DEXcam intra-oral cameras are small enough to give us a view of anywhere in your mouth. We’re able to see your soft tissues and teeth from angles that would otherwise be impossible.

Patient Education

You’ll see a live feed of exactly what we’re seeing on our screen. We can also pull up still images to really zoom in and point out issues. By informing and educating you on your oral health, you’ll feel empowered!

Technology Intraoral Cameras

Top-Notch Diagnostics

Intra-oral cameras add another diagnostic layer. When combined with digital x-rays, an exam and digital scans, we’re able to evaluate your bite more comprehensively than ever before.

Crisp, High-Definition Images

These digital intra-oral cameras may be tiny but they pack a lot of power. The video feed and images that show up on our screen are incredibly clear and high-definition. Plus, we can zoom, enhance and do other tricks to get an even better look.


  • The scanner transmits high-definition, crisp, detailed images
  • We can show you what you can expect from orthodontic treatment
  • Computerized treatment planning ensures perfect fitting aligners, wires, appliances and retainers
  • Extremely reliable and re-takes aren’t necessary


  • Images show up instantly on the computer screen
  • The wand scans in motion so there’s no need to stop and click
  • Allows for shorter appointments
  • You’ll receive aligners, wires, retainers or appliances more quickly


  • Goopy, messy impression materials aren’t used
  • No gagging and you can breathe and swallow as you normally would
  • Doesn’t smell or taste funny like putty does
  • Your scans will be done in minutes
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