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A Beautiful Smile for Life


Invisalign® and braces are only part of the orthodontic equation. After the active (alignment) phase of treatment, comes the retention phase where the teeth are retained in their final position with, you guessed it, a retainer. An extra step goes a long way – we promise this is worth it after seeing how excellent your results are! We want to protect your smile as much as you do.


Teens and Adults

Throughout our life, our teeth experience slight natural shifting and our jaws actually grow a bit more. If retainers aren’t consistently bringing the teeth back into alignment, all of a sudden, you’ll notice crowding. To prevent this from happening to our patients, we offer high-tech retainers and have established a predictable retention protocol in our office. For a short period, you’ll wear your retainer full-time to biologically “lock in” the position of your teeth, followed by nighttime wear for life.

The Clear Benefits of Vivera® Retainers

Vivera® retainers are manufactured by Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign®. While there are quite a few imposters out there, Innovative Orthodontic Centers gives you the real deal!

In staying consistent with our commitment to excellence through technology, Vivera® was a natural choice for our practice. The day your Invisalign® or braces treatment is complete, we take a digital scan of your teeth and 3D CAD CAM technology is used to fabricate four sets of identical retainers, so you’re good to go with backups. We even store the 3D model of your mouth in our cloud for 10 years. This way, if you do happen to lose all four retainers, a replacement is a phone call away.

Just like Invisalign, Vivera® retainers are translucent and barely noticeable, which really helps when it comes to patient compliance. The Vivera® retainer material is at least 30% stronger and twice as durable as other leading clear retainer materials. Since they slip over your teeth and cover them completely, their ability to retain your final alignment is incredible. They’re extremely comfortable, never need to be adjusted and they’re laser cut to the gum line for serious precision. There isn’t a better option for retaining the results of your life-changing orthodontic treatment!

Introducing iWhiten!

Whiten your smile at home with our new professional grade whitening kit, now included with each adult orthodontic treatment.

If you’re going to be wearing Invisalign®️ aligners or retainers, you might as well get the most out of it.
Achieve your best photo-worthy smile by using our orthodontist-approved whitening system.

Invisalign Treatment

Phase I Patients

Retainers aren’t just for teenagers and grown-ups. When our younger patients, ages eight through 10, finish early, interceptive Phase I treatment, they still have a combination of adult and primary teeth. Therefore, we usually have them wear a retainer for 6-12 months, depending on their dental development, to hold the adult teeth where we positioned them. However, there will come a time when they get to say goodbye to their retainer. This is because we want their baby teeth to fall out when they’re ready, their jaws to grow and their natural bite to be established without the retainer getting in the way. It’s at this point that they enter our Growth and Development Program where we monitor them until their adult teeth erupt.

Perfecting Little Smiles With Essix Retainers

Of course, our youngest patients get the same tech-savvy, exceptional care as the teens and adults. We take a digital scan of their teeth as soon as they’re done their first phase of treatment. There’s no messy, gooey impression material involved! A 3D model is utilized to fabricate a clear retainer. The kids love these because they’re comfortable, invisible and easy to wear. They don’t even require tightening. It’s no wonder our patients are so amazing at following our retainer instructions!


Retainers explain by Dr. Ibrahim

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