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Our SureSmile® Difference: What Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Really Means

By March 3, 2020December 15th, 2023No Comments

Dr Gin and a patientAt Innovative Orthodontic Centers, Dr. Manal Ibrahim and Dr. Christine Gin are known for being leaders in comfortable, accelerated orthodontic treatment. We pride ourselves on helping patients get their dream smile more quickly and with less discomfort. One of the ways we do that is with the SureSmile system for our braces patients. However, when we use terms like “accelerated” or “quick,” this doesn’t mean we’re rushing through treatment or cutting corners. In fact, it’s just the opposite! We’re able to achieve even better results and we can do it in less time because of the efficiency and the fact that we use a very powerful technology bundle to deliver unsurpassed braces treatment that truly sets us apart.

What are SureSmile Braces?

With the SureSmile system, we combine the straightening power of braces with the pinpoint accuracy of digital treatment planning. While people often refer to them as SureSmile braces, SureSmile is actually the custom arch wires, which we pair with self-ligating brackets, either clear or metal. Your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints so why would we use a one-size-fits-all arch wire? That’s where SureSmile comes in. With SureSmile, we plan out your tooth movements on a 3D model of your mouth using special software tools. Then, a custom arch wire is created for you based on our prescription using robotic wire-bending technology. The wire delivers gentle forces to move the teeth with less discomfort and the wire bending is accurate within one-tenth of a millimeter. The precision can’t be matched with manual wire bending. Thanks to the precision, treatment is, on average, 29% faster and the results are exceptional.

Is SureSmile Braces Treatment Faster?

SureSmile prescription wires and our self-ligating brackets don’t actually move your teeth faster than conventional brackets and wires. The reason you can finish treatment up to 29% sooner is because we eliminate the inefficiencies of old technology. Thanks to the incredibly precise 3D, computerized treatment planning and the robotically-bent prescription wires, we’ve gotten rid of all of the unnecessary tooth movements and only achieve our desired movements. This is in comparison to conventional treatments where the doctor spends about two-thirds of the time dealing with unwanted tooth movements. SureSmile at Innovative Orthodontic Centers means proactively planned orthodontics vs. reactive treatment and the teeth take a much more direct path to their final positions. That is what reduces your treatment time.

Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin map out your tooth movements before you even start treatment, giving them complete control over the process. This means there is no tweaking. So, not only is treatment more efficient and the outcome better but you also have fewer appointments, saving you time and money. 

How Does SureSmile Braces Treatment Work at Innovative Orthodontic Centers?

It’s not just the fact that we use SureSmile prescription wires for every single braces patient that sets our practice apart (though that does help!), it’s also the technology bundle we utilize during the process. Here are the tools we use and how they work together to help us create stunning smiles:

  • i-CAT™ Imaging – We start things off by capturing a 3D scan of your teeth, bones and soft tissue with our i-CAT imaging system. This lets us see your entire dental and facial anatomy in incredible detail.
  • iTero® Scanner – Next, we’ll take a quick, comfortable, impression-free scan of your teeth with our iTero scanner (no messy impressions here). The high-definition images show up on our screen instantly.
  • SureSmile Treatment Planning Software – Using your scans, a 3D model of your mouth is created. Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin are able to see the exact positioning and orientation of your teeth and visualize how they fit together from every angle and all three planes of space. They use this information to determine a diagnosis and visualize potential outcomes. They can also show you what your results will look like before we get started. As they plan your treatment, they manipulate the virtual stimulation of your mouth and figure out the final position of your teeth and jaws, creating the most ideal smile for your actual dental and facial features.  
  • SureSmile Prescription Wires and In-Ovation® Self-Ligating Brackets – We send the doctor’s specifications and SureSmile directs a robotic machine to bend shape-memory, alloy archwires. The customized, prescription wires offer accuracy to within one-tenth of a millimeter. The wire gently delivers pressure to shift your teeth into place and the self-ligating brackets offer friction-free movement.
  • iTero Scanner (again) – When your treatment is finished, we use our iTero scanner to take another impression-free scan. This time, we capture your brand new smile in order to design your retainers.
  • Vivera® Retainer System – We send the scan of your teeth off and eight clear, strong Vivera retainers are created for you. These removable retainers encase the teeth for maximum hold of your final tooth position. We store the scan in the cloud for 10 years for future online orders should you need replacements.

Are you ready to get outstanding results more efficiently than ever before? Call us at (630) 848-6960 to schedule a complimentary consultation at Innovative Orthodontic Centers to learn more about our Shorewood and Naperville SureSmile braces treatment. At this first visit, we’ll examine you, discuss things like the SureSmile cost and develop a customized treatment plan. Or, if you’d rather skip a trip to the office, you can also book a virtual consultation and kick off your smile journey from anywhere!