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Let’s Get Virtual!

Virtual consultation with the Doctor

With our virtual smile assessment, you can connect directly with one of our experienced Orthodontists for a virtual consultation right from your own home or on the go. Here’s how it works.

Fill In Your Contact Info

Simply fill in the form below with your name and contact information.

Snap a few shots of your teeth

Ask a friend or family member to take photos of your bite from several angles.

Book your Virtual Consultation

We’ll review your photos and connect virtually to present you with your treatment options.

    Step 1: Fill in your information


    Step 2: Snap Photos of Your Smile

    *maximum upload file size 4MB

    Take a photo of your smile.

    Take a photo of your smile with lips retracted and teeth biting.

    Take a photo of the left side of your smile.

    Take a photo of the right side of your smile.

    Take a photo of your top teeth as shown.

    Take a photo of your bottom teeth as shown.

    Step 3: Book Your Virtual Consultation

    Let us know how you prefer the doctor to connect with you for your virtual consultation.