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The Safest Imaging Solution


We use the i-CAT™ 3D imaging system for highly accurate, digital x-rays that expose patients to the lowest amount of radiation possible today. In fact, you’d receive a larger dose of radiation from standing in front of your microwave! The 3D scans let us see your teeth, jaw, nerve pathways and facial structures in incredible detail. The scanner has revolutionized our diagnostic and treatment planning processes.


Taking Imaging to the Next Level

3D radiography gives us information that we wouldn’t be able to capture with a 2D x-ray. Our i-CAT™ machine is non-invasive and quick. We receive multi-dimensional images of your teeth, jaw, temporomandibular joints, gums, oral structures and even sinus cavities in less than a minute. This allows us to understand your exact tooth positions all the way down to the roots and the relationship of your teeth and jaw to the rest of your anatomy. All of this is achieved in a single scan as opposed to needing several different types of x-rays. We can zoom, extract images, enhance the contrast and take advantage of other features in order to come up with a personalized diagnosis and plan your treatment from every angle.


We can take digital extraoral x-rays that don’t require drooling with bitewings in your mouth or siting for an extended period.


3D images of your teeth, jaw and facial structures show up in seconds on our screen and there’s no film to develop, saving you time.



The i-CAT™ scanner enhances safety since it emits significantly less radiation than conventional x-rays and fewer exposures are required.


The 3D images captured in an i-CAT™ scan have unparalleled detail and definition, giving us more visual information than ever before.

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