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10 Funny TikTox About Life With Braces

When you first get braces, it might seem that life with braces is all about “do this!” (boost your oral hygiene), “don’t do that!” (eat crunchy foods), or “ouch, that hurts!” (braces adjustments). So it’s great when you can lighten the mood with some braces humor.

Where to start? Of course, you’ll find plenty of braces jokes on TikTok, and since the team at Innovative Orthodontic Centers wants you to enjoy your braces experience, we found 10 TikTok teeth videos to make you smile.

1. Before And After Inspiration
How’s this smile reveal for inspiration? Popular braces girl on TikTok @scoobiezoobie shows that all that braces progress pays off as your smile goes from crooked to confident!

2. I Feel Ya, Girl
Life with braces is pretty much the same for everyone who has them. Just ask @brookmonke.

3. Grinning from Ear to Ear
When you get your braces off, you can’t help but show off your new grin. Like this.

4. Honesty is the Best Policy #1
If you break a bracket, @bentist says in this clip to just be upfront about what happened to your braces. Hint: Don’t say it was the soup.

5. Honesty is the Best Policy #2
Those rubber bands? They’re super important for aligning your upper and lower jaws. In this funny sketch about braces, @thebracesguy suggests if you haven’t been wearing your rubber bands, just be honest — or your mom will rat you out.

6. Oh, And About Those Rubber Bands
In your life with braces, have you ever panicked that you swallowed a rubber band in your sleep?

7. If Your Orthodontist Has Gray Hair, It’s Because…
… you don’t follow the rules when it comes to taking care of your teeth and braces! This braces TikTok by @manzellaortho says it all.

8. Smiling With Braces
At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, we say, smile proud with your braces! Though we get it if it feels weird at first as exampled by this funny braces TikTok by @justin_reid3.

9. Talking with Braces
Mouth gymnastics. Yes, our mouths can do funny things when talking with braces as we get used to the extra material in our mouths.

10. That Terrifying Crunch
Anyone who’s had braces knows that terrifying moment when you’re chewing away on food you think is braces-friendly but then you bite into something unexpectedly crunchy.

Having Fun With Your Braces, At Home and At Your Naperville Orthodontist

We hope these 10 TikTok videos about braces help you find the fun in wearing them. At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, we take orthodontics seriously with exceptional, cutting edge service. But we balance that with a lighthearted and relaxed approach; cue these vids.

Have these TikToks encouraged you to finally take the plunge and straighten your smile with braces? If so, our board certified orthodontists, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin are ready to help you achieve a straight, healthy, and functional smile you’re proud to show off. Schedule an appointment at our Naperville or Shorewood orthodontic office to get started.

Dr. Manal Ibrahim