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Adding the Finishing Touch to Your New Smile!


Lasers are an incredibly exciting advancement in orthodontics. Considering high-tech is the name of the game here at Innovative Orthodontic Centers, of course, we offer diode laser treatment in Naperville. We use the laser for a number of soft tissue procedures, including eliminating a “gummy” smile to give your aligned teeth a picture-perfect frame, removing excess gum tissue to place appliances, and helping teeth to erupt. The laser is completely safe, painless and doesn’t require needles! We simply apply a topical anesthetic to your gums and the only thing you feel is slight movement.

Extremely Comfortable

Diode laser treatment is gentle and we don’t have to use needles to inject anesthetic. Instead, we apply topical anesthetic to your gums, so you don’t feel anything except the movement of the laser tip. Procedures are painless, comfortable and quick!

Multiple Uses

Lasers are super versatile. We can use them to perform numerous procedures, ranging from fixing a “gummy” smile to helping stubborn teeth erupt.

Technology Diode Laser

Unparalleled Precision

Your Naperville orthodontist has complete control over the laser, making it more accurate than other methods. They’re able to focus precisely on the area they’re treating to get the results they want without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Diode laser treatment has been proven effective and safe for patients of all ages. It’s actually even great for infants and young children because no needles are involved.

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