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The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

By June 23, 2021December 18th, 2023No Comments
benefits of early treatment

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, our American board-certified, Naperville and Shorewood orthodontists, Dr. Manal Ibrahim and Dr. Christine Gin, are proponents of interceptive orthodontic treatment, also known as phase 1 treatment. While not every child needs early intervention, for those with specific emerging issues with the bite and/or tooth alignment, the benefits of early treatment can be significant. 

Dr. Ibrahim states that “early orthodontic treatment can have an incredible psychological effect on a child, giving them much more confidence than ever before.” And, the benefits of early treatment don’t end there. Certain types of appliances, as well as Invisalign® and braces for kids can make room for the permanent teeth to come in properly and guide jaw and facial growth. This will help patients avoid lengthy, expensive treatment, as well as the need for corrective jaw surgery or the extraction of permanent teeth down the road. 

Schedule Your Child’s First Orthodontist Visit by Age 7!

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, every 7 year old should be evaluated by an orthodontist. At this point, the first permanent molars are usually in, allowing Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin to evaluate the front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships and get a sense of how their bite is shaping up. 

When your child visits us for their first orthodontic assessment, we’ll take any necessary diagnostic records and the orthodontist will perform a comprehensive exam. Sometimes, even if a child’s teeth appear straight, there can be subtle problems that will eventually turn into a more significant issue. Our orthodontists have the expertise to diagnose these problems and decide on the optimal approach. 

Many times, no treatment will be needed yet and this will begin an observational period. Kids will come in for yearly check-ups. Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin will monitor your child and pinpoint the ideal time to start treatment with braces or Invisalign Teen in order to achieve the best results. 

When red flags are detected, however, treating problems early on helps with the child’s development, function and appearance. Not only does this treatment affect their current dental condition, but, as we said, it also improves future development of the jaws and eruption of the teeth

High-Tech Orthodontic Appliances, Braces and Invisalign for Kids

As a high-tech practice, we use cutting-edge orthodontic appliances, state-of-the-art SureSmile® braces and Invisalign for kids in phase 1 treatment. That’s right, clear aligners may be an option for your child. At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, we’re one of the first and only providers of Invisalign First, which is Invisalign for growing smiles, in Chicagoland. 

Want to learn more about interceptive orthodontics and the benefits of early treatment? Read what Dr. Ibrahim has to say in this article about whether age 7 is too young for orthodontics and how early intervention can give some kids the best chance at having a functional, healthy smile and bite. 

Rather just check your child’s first orthodontist visit off your to-do list? Schedule a complimentary consultation for your little one at Innovative Orthodontic Centers in Shorewood or Naperville, IL today!