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Innovative Orthodontic Centers Sponsored an Episode of the Naperville Moms Network!

By July 4, 2018July 6th, 2023No Comments

Naperville Moms Network

We’re excited to announce that Innovative Orthodontic Centers was recently the presenting sponsor for our favorite NCTV17 show: the Naperville Moms Network! Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Gin and Dr. Moyano are working moms themselves who balance raising kids with perfecting smiles at our Naperville orthodontic office. So, they could really relate to the episode they sponsored titled, “Summer Rules – Grandparent Involvement & Boundaries,” which aired Sunday, July 1.

Naperville chiropractor Dr. Cathy Subber hosts the half-hour show, which is aimed at supporting and empowering moms (something we can get behind!), along with three local moms: Erica Lopez, Saritha Arellano and Patti Minglin. The women are engaging, funny and have plenty of actionable tips and advice based on real life experience. The hosts are all members of the Naperville Moms Network, an online community that also hosts offline, monthly events like luncheons, networking groups, family-friendly activities, seminars, socials and meet-ups. The organization has been a valuable addition to the Naperville area and an important resource for women. Launching the television show has been a way to reach even more moms!

Dr. Subber is the mother of two teenage boys and in addition to caring for her kids and working with patients at her practice, she’s been the Chief Mama of the Naperville Moms Network since 2012. Lopez worked in education before becoming a stay-at-home mom to two young children (the oldest just finished kindergarten). Arellano has one child in middle school and another in high school. She also heads up a consulting company that works with STEM enrichment programs and start-up businesses. Finally, Minglin is a mother of three with one kid in high school and two in college. She owns a Naperville content marketing company. The fact that the women are in different stages of motherhood, means they all have unique perspectives on issues, making for dynamic conversations about parenting and being a woman.
In this episode, they chat about how, “no school and a new schedule can sometimes throw even the best mom off her game!” The Naperville moms discuss the summer rules they put in place to help their kiddos retain information from the previous school year, keep them active and productive, limit screen time, avoid “mom guilt” and still let children and teens relax and unwind. For working moms, the summer often means grandparent involvement and they also address the challenges and joys that come along with it.

NCTV17 is a nonprofit organization that relies on sponsors to bring hyper-local television coverage to Naperville. Their programming captures the character and experience of our community. We love the fact that we had the chance to help them continue to fulfill their mission! Check out our ad spot that ran during the show. Watch the informative, fun episode of the Naperville Moms Network or listen to the podcast version. You can see the show here and listen here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Phase I Invisalign treatment in Naperville or Shorewood for your child,schedule a free consultation at Innovative Orthodontic Centers today!