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The #1 AcceleDent Provider in the World is Right Here in Naperville (Hint: It’s Dr. Manal Ibrahim!)

By May 14, 2018July 6th, 2023No Comments

worlds best acceledent provider innovative orthodontic centers

We have some exciting news here at Innovative Orthodontic Centers! Dr. Manal Ibrahim has officially been named the #1 AcceleDent® provider in the WORLD! We’re beyond proud, excited and humbled by the recognition. If you follow us on social media, you probably saw us celebrating with the gorgeous plaque OrthoAccel® Technologies, the makers of AcceleDent, presented us with and a delicious cake (don’t worry, we brushed our teeth afterward).

It’s a big achievement and AcceleDent® OPTIMA™ is absolutely magical and helps us in our mission to be the leader in comfortable and accelerated orthodontics. The portable, little device packs a lot of power and ensures our Naperville and Shorewood braces and Invisalign patients get the beautiful smiles they deserve quickly and comfortably. It’s no wonder we’ve welcomed AcceleDent® with open arms!

So, what is AcceleDent? AcceleDent® Optima™ is a small, medical device that can be used with both braces and Invisalign. You simply bite down on the mouthpiece while the hands-free accessory generates vibrations called micro-pulses. These vibrations stimulate bone remodeling and painlessly speed up tooth movement to cut down treatment time by as much as 50% when used for 20 minutes a day. Our patients love this little massage!

It also decreases sensitivity to make treatment more comfortable and can help enhance the predictability of clinical outcomes, meaning patients’ smiles look just as promised. Dr. Ibrahim has really fallen in love with the device because it gives her more precision and control and has allowed her to treat complex cases, that in the past would have required extractions or jaw surgery, with just Invisalign or braces.

Dr. Ibrahim and the team have completed more than 1,000 cases with AcceleDent. She has been named as an AcceleDent Key opinion leader by OrthoAccel Technologies; there’s even a page on their website dedicated to her. Dr. Ibrahim was also featured in an issue of Orthodontic Products where she offered up some of her “Tooth Twins” cases.

In each instance, she compared patients with similar diagnoses who were treated with different mechanics. The cases show the unparalleled precision she’s been able to achieve with clear aligners when AcceleDent was added to the treatment plan.

AcceleDent has been a game changer in our practice and it’s so easy for patients to use, which is why they’re such big fans too. If something can safely slash treatment time nearly in half, improve patient experience and bring about even more exceptional results, Dr. Ibrahim and the Innovative Orthodontic Centers team will most certainly offer it. We’re thrilled to be the top AcceleDent provider in the world and we’ll continue to embrace it to create gorgeous, healthy smiles.

If you’re interested in learning more about AcceleDent in Naperville, book a complimentary consultation with us and see how we can leverage the technology for an amazing outcome!