Current Patients, Complete Your Virtual Visit!

During this time of social distancing, we’re providing our existing patients, already in treatment with us, the option of a virtual visit.

Please fill in the fields below and attach a few photos for us to review.

    Current Patient Info

    For parents filling in the form on behalf of their children, please include your child's information.

    Please submit photos of your teeth as shown in the examples.

    For existing INVISALIGN patients, please include a set of photos with your aligners in and without.
    For existing BRACES patients, if you have rubber bands in place, please take photos while wearing the bands.
    Patients with APPLIANCES, please submit the same set of photos

    #1 Lower Teeth*
    #2 Upper Teeth*
    #3 Front View*
    #4 Right View*
    #5 Left View*

    Additional Photos Required For Invisalign Patients And Patients With Retainers.

    #6 Front View With Invisalign On
    #7 Right View With Invisalign On
    #8 Left View With Invisalign On

    *maximum upload file size 3MB Each

    After you hit send, we'll contact you within a few days and potentially set up a time to connect if requested or needed.