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Unparalleled Invisalign® Expertise


At Innovative Orthodontic Centers, we’re an Invisalign Diamond+ Top 1% Provider. Not only does this mean we’re a top Shorewood and Naperville Invisalign provider, we’re also among the top 1% of providers in all of North America. The distinction, awarded by Invisalign, is meant to highlight orthodontists who are experts in the revolutionary system of clear aligners. The designation also allows patients to feel confident when choosing a provider, knowing their smile is in the best hands. To date, Dr. Manal Ibrahim, Dr. Christine Gin and our team have transformed over 4,500 smiles with Invisalign!

What Does Being an Invisalign Diamond+ Top 1% Provider Mean?

Patients often wonder what the different Invisalign provider designations mean? Well, the makers of Invisalign wanted to create standards and have a way to show that a provider was reputable and experienced with the treatment. To do this, they created an Invisalign ranking system. You’ve probably seen orthodontists advertise themselves as Premier or Platinum Invisalign providers. These are just some of the tiers, with each tier being based on the number of patients the doctor treats with Invisalign per year.

Diamond Invisalign providers are the providers with the top level of experience. To become an Invisalign Diamond+ Top 1% Provider, and maintain the designation, the orthodontist must treat a minimum of 400 Invisalign patients a year, which illustrates a deep expertise and familiarity with the system of clear aligners. Even more importantly, they must also have a lifetime number of at least 800 Invisalign patients. With over 4,500 smiles changed with Invisalign at our practice, we’ve exceeded these requirements.

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Why Choose an Invisalign Diamond+ Top 1% Provider?

Invisalign prints and packages the aligners. However, your doctor is the one responsible for creating your treatment plan and designing the Invisalign aligners to achieve the desired tooth movements and end results. Therefore, experience matters! When it comes to experience, as an Invisalign Diamond+ Top 1% Provider, Innovative Orthodontic Centers is at the highest level.

After treating over 4,500 patients with Invisalign, board-certified orthodontists Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Gin have unsurpassed product knowledge and proficiency. They’re confident and skilled at using clear aligners for patients of all ages, including those with complex and multi-disciplinary cases. That’s why, at our practice, everyone is a candidate for Invisalign!

Your smile is too important to leave to chance. By choosing an Invisalign DIamond+ Top 1% Provider like Innovative Orthodontic Centers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re receiving care from an expert with a proven track record of success.

Accelerated Invisalign Treatment

In addition to being a Invisalign Diamond+ Top 1% Provider, we’re also a leader in comfortable, accelerated orthodontics. We pair your Invisalign aligners with a medical device, such as AcceleDent® or VPro+™. These take-home, handheld devices generate safe, gentle vibrations that improve predictability and aligner seating for better results; reduce discomfort; and speed up the natural process of bone remodeling to cut treatment time nearly in half. To learn more or to get started on your new smile, schedule a complimentary consultation with a Diamond+ Top 1% Invisalign Provider in Naperville or Shorewood today!